Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trilogy

I was sitting back and thinking about the good old days when I got my first VCR. The thing was a huge monster. It was so primative. It was so primative in the fact that it's remote was connected to it by a wire. That sounds so wrong nowadays. The first movie I rented was something I kept hearing and hearing about but had never seen. I was so happy that I saw "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" for the first time. Here's the soundtracks for the first three chainsaw massacres. Enjoy.......

Texas Chainsaw Masscre:


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2:


Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III:



The Long Island Ripper said...

hey there pardner,

just found your blog on Google. Was searching to see what blogs got the word out on my blogs. Like what you have so far on your blog bud. Love the TCM movies. Anyway hoping that your blog blossoms into something really special. Good luck pal. BTW it would mean a lot if you can also post a link to my still not as popular other blog The Insomnia Video Stash. Here's the link bud:
The Insomnia Video Stash

good to see that you left the same disclaimer on the downloads like mine. It's important ya know. "The Man" might be watching ya know. hehee. Anyway take care and thanks!

take care.

The Long Island Ripper said...

forgot to ask this. i can put your blog on my links on Inferno and Insomnia if you like. Gotta return the favor ya know since you were cool enough to link Inferno. Let me know if that's cool with you first.

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it would be great to link to my blog. i appreciate it........