Saturday, January 19, 2008

Universal's Heavy Hitters

"Dracula" and "Frankenstein" are the foundations of Universal's House of Classic Horror. If it weren't for these movies, I would probably have no life and be a lot more boring than I am now. The Dracula soundtrack was done by Philip Glass and The Kronos Quartet in conjunction with the anniversary of Dracula. It makes viewing Dracula a lot easier because I can't handle the fact that Dracula had no soundtrack whatsoever in it's original form. The static from the print of Dracula in it's original form was something akin to running your fingers down a blackboard. The Dracula Legacy Collection that's available currently from Universal has both versions of "Dracula" on it for the purists who wish to watch the film in its original unadulterated version. The Words And Music Of Frankenstein was lovingly put together and released in 1999 by Rob Zombie. This release incorporates dialogue and music from "Frankenstein", "The Bride Of Frankenstein", and "Son Of Frankenstein". Kudos go out to Rob Zombie for working on this one. The man has a genuine love and respect for the old classics from Universal. I sit back and think what he would possibly do if he could re-imagine these two classics. Thankfully, no one has ever decided to remake these two classics of the genre. Enjoy....


The Words And Music Of Frankenstein

Here's a nice little bonus from the Universal Horror Sounds Blog. This is the unofficial soundtrack to "Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein". This also incorporates both dialogue and music from A & C Meet Frankenstein. Enjoy....

Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein



Bless you for these ! I love them !