Thursday, February 21, 2008

Classic Kiss

I finally got the third and final volume in the "Kissology" DVD series. Watching all of the old KISS concerts from the era when they had the makeup on brought back a lot of the twisted memories of my mispent youth. I don't know about you folks out there in blogland, but I prefer the KISS era with makeup over their era without the makeup. It was just something there that made them larger that life when they had the makeup on. The mystique seemed to vanish when they unmasked. Enjoy some clasic rock....


KISS - Hotter Than Hell

KISS - Dressed To Kill

KISS - Alive!

KISS - Destroyer

KISS - Rock And Roll Over

KISS - Love Gun

KISS - Alive II

KISS - Dynasty

KISS - Unmasked

KISS - Music From The Elder

KISS - Killers

KISS - Creatures Of The Night

KISS - Psycho Circus