Sunday, February 15, 2009


Here's something you don't see that very often, two different soundtracks from the same movie. Here's the reason why (thanks to IMDB):

"Richard Branson's Virgin Films, the production company bankrolling the movie, had wanted a commercially viable pop act to compose the music for the film to increase its market potential. Originally they approached David Bowie, who had used Orwell's novel as inspiration for some songs on his 1974 album, "Diamond Dogs", but he demanded too much money for the job. They opted instead for Eurythmics, who had initially turned down the offer but later accepted. The director Michael Radford was unaware of this plan and had already hired Dominic Muldowney to compose the entirety of the film's musical score. Virgin Films exercised their right of final cut and dubbed in some of the Eurythmics score for the film's theatrical release. Radford was displeased with this development and retaliated by withdrawing the film for consideration for BAFTA award for Best Picture. When the film did win the Evening Standard award for Best Film of the Year, Radford took the opportunity to denounce the Eurythmics involvement in his acceptance speech at the nationally televised ceremony."

So, here's the soundtracks by both the Eurythmics and Dominic Muldowney. Enjoy....

Dominic Muldowney - 1984 (Original Score)

Eurythmics - 1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)


Alex said...

If you ever get the OST for the new "Friday the 13th", I'll be waiting here with open claws!

Of course, i'd love to get the "Ghoulies" or "Critters" soundtracks too, if you ever happen to fall over them somewhere?

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for sharing Muldowney's score for 1984; I know of him from is concert work and arrangement with Sting and also recall the history back in '84 about his score being jettisoned!

Anonymous said...

Concert work, Arrangement with sting also recall the history back......
Thanks Again....!!!

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