Sunday, February 22, 2009

Batman: The Musical

Here was a bit of an oddity that I ran across as a torrent. I remember hearing about a musical based upon Batman with music & lyrics by Jim Steinman. In a way, I'm glad that this disn't see the light of day, because I can't picture Batman beating someone down and singing a song at the same time. Listen & enjoy what came close to being a reality....

Track Listing:
01 Gotham City / The Graveyard Shift – Emily Pulley & Jim Steinman
02 In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King – Rob Evan & Elaine Caswell
03 Not Allowed To Love – Jim Steinman
04 The Joker’s Song (Wonderful Toys) – Jim Steinman
05 The Catwoman’s Song (I Need All The Love I Can Get) – Karine Hannah & Jim Steinman
06 We’re Still The Children We Once Were – Jim Steinman
07 Cry To Heaven – Kyle “Scarpia” Gordon
08 Not Allowed To Love (Pop Version) – Markus Lovett & Karine Hannah
09 Not Allowed To Love (Dance Version) – Karine Hannah & Jim Steinman

Download Link:
Batman - The Musical


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