Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Dark Knight

This movie was owned by Heath Ledger (who deserved his Oscar by the way). Just watching him chew up the scenery put chills down my spine. I thought that Jack Nicholson was the definitive Joker until I saw this movie. Enjoy this deluxe soundtrack....

The Dark Knight Discs 1 & 2
Disc 1 Run Time 1:13:31
Disc 2 Run Time 1:12:51

Disc 1:
01 Why So Serious 9:14
02 I'm Not A Hero 6:34
03 Harvey Two-Face 6:16
04 Aggressive Expansion 4:35
05 Always A Catch 1:39
06 Blood On My Hands 2:16
07 A Little Push 2:42
08 Like A Dog Chasing Cars 5:02
09 I Am The Batman 1:59
10 And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad 2:28
11 Agent Of Chaos 6:55
12 Introduce A Little Anarchy 3:42
13 Watch The World Burn 3:47
14 A Dark Knight 16:15

Disc 2:
01 Bank Robbery (Prologue) 5:23
02 Buyer Beware 2:55
03 Halfway To Hong Kong 3:43
04 Decent Men In An Indecent Time 2:50
05 You're Gonna Love Me 4:51
06 Chance 3:33
07 You Complete Me 4:50
08 The Ferries 9:57
09 We Are Tonight's Entertainment 5:37
10 A Watchful Guardian 6:45
11 Why So Serious (Crystal Method Remix) 5:30
12 Poor Choice Of Words (Paul Van Dyk Remix) 6:14
13 Gunpowder And Gasoline (Mel Wesson Remix) 4:33
14 Rory's First Kiss 6:03

Download Disc One Link:

Harvey Dent: Alfred, right?
Alfred Pennyworth: That's right, sir.
Harvey Dent: Yeah, Rachel talks about you all the time. You've known her, her whole life!
Alfred Pennyworth: Oh, not yet, sir.
Harvey Dent: Heh heh heh. Any psychotic ex-boyfriends I should be aware of?
Alfred Pennyworth: [smiles] Oh, you have no idea.

Download Disc Two Link:

The Joker: I want... my phone call. I want it. I want it! I want my phone call!
Detective Stephens: That's nice.
The Joker: How many of your friends have I killed?
Detective Stephens: I'm a twenty-year man. I can tell the difference between punks who need a little lesson in manners, and the freaks like you who just enjoy it.
Detective Stephens: And you've killed six of my friends.
[Joker, pretending amazement, mouths "six?"]


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